Amax Electronics

Service Level Agreements

Your Comprehensive Security Assurance

When it comes to security, dependability and peace of mind are invaluable. AMAX Electronic recognizes the importance of a reliable Service Level Agreement (SLA) that goes beyond conventional maintenance. Our all-inclusive insurance policy covers on-site repairs, ensuring that your security systems are not just operational but optimized for peak performance.

Here’s what sets us service level agreement apart:

  • Fixed Monthly Maintenance Cost:
    The fixed monthly cost simplifies budgeting, allowing you to plan your security expenses with ease.
  • Unlimited Call Outs:
    You have the freedom to call for support as often as needed, without worrying about additional charges.
  • Hour Response Time:
    In the unlikely event of an issue, you can rely on a rapid response, ensuring minimal disruption to your security systems.
  • Penalty Clause for Non-Performance:
    AMAX’s confidence in their ability to deliver is underscored by a penalty clause, should we not meet our commitments. This assurance ensures that you receive the service you’ve contracted for.
  • Off-Site Systems Monitoring:
    Your systems are not just maintained; they are continuously monitored off-site, ensuring early detection of potential issues.

AMAX’s Service Level Agreement is designed to provide comprehensive coverage, encompassing all aspects of your security systems.

  • Ongoing Upgrading:
    AMAX is committed to keeping your security systems up to date, providing regular upgrades to ensure they remain at the cutting edge of technology.
  • Ongoing Systems Training:
    Education is paramount. AMAX provides ongoing training for your employees, ensuring they are well-equipped to operate and maintain the security systems effectively.
  • Integration of Previously Installed Systems:
    If you have existing systems, such as boom gates, cameras, or other equipment, AMAX can integrate them into the SLA, provided a due diligence process confirms their suitability.

Seamless Integration and Technology Updates

In addition to the comprehensive SLA, AMAX Electronics’ commitment to integrating the latest technology seamlessly with existing products is a key advantage. This ensures that your security infrastructure remains technologically advanced while being considerate of your budget. The ability to adapt and evolve is critical in the ever-changing field of security.

The Ultimate Security Assurance

AMAX’s Service Level Agreement is more than just a maintenance contract; it’s a guarantee of uninterrupted security.

The combination of all-inclusive coverage, rapid response, ongoing training, and integration of the latest technology ensures that your security systems are not only functional but also optimized for efficiency and performance.

In a world where security is paramount, AMAX Electronics’ SLA is a trusted partner, offering an unparalleled level of security assurance.

With AMAX, you’re not just securing your property; you’re securing your peace of mind.


AMAX has the ability to integrate the latest technology seamlessly with existing products subject to the equipment’s lifetime and a due diligence. We understand that this type of integration is critical to our clients’ budget.