Amax Electronics


Empowering Connectivity through Integrated Networks and Unmatched Services

In an era where seamless and reliable network connectivity is crucial, AMAX Electronics stands out as a registered Service Provider with IECNS and IENS licenses. This distinction empowers them to offer end-to-end network solutions that are secure, fast, cost-effective, and dependable, all while reducing downtime and ensuring quick installation.

End-to-End Network Responsibility

AMAX Electronics’ IECNS and IENS licenses are more than just certifications; they are a commitment to providing comprehensive network solutions. What sets them apart is their ability to take full responsibility for their systems without being reliant on third-party networks. This means that all integrated systems’ networks are safeguarded and managed in-house.

Fast, Reliable, Cost-Effective Networks

AMAX’s dedication to providing fast, reliable, and cost-effective networks is apparent in the services they offer:

  • Monitoring Facilities 24/7: Round-the-clock monitoring ensures the continuous functionality of all network and client equipment. Technicians are dispatched immediately upon client equipment failure, minimizing disruptions.

  • Internet Services: Their offerings include uncapped and unshaped Internet, FTTX (fiber to the x), VoIP, E-Mail, and hosting facilities for web and data centers. These services are designed to meet the varied needs of both businesses and individuals.

  • Other Networking Services: AMAX Electronics doesn’t just stop at providing internet services. They also specialize in installing and maintaining client infrastructure, spanning cabled to fiber networks.


On an Internet unshaped account, heavy data usages such as torrenting, downloading and excessive streaming are treated the same as those activities that would otherwise be prioritised during peak hours such as browsing, emailing, and video calling.

Access, Control, and Cyber Security

AMAX Electronics understands that network security is paramount. Our services encompass securing access, control, and cyber security, ensuring that clients can operate in a secure digital environment.

The Freedom of Unshaped Internet

In a world where our internet activities have become increasingly data-intensive, AMAX’s unshaped Internet services offer a refreshing approach. With an unshaped account, data-heavy activities such as torrenting, downloading, and excessive streaming are treated the same as activities that need priority during peak hours, like browsing, emailing, and video calling. This approach guarantees that you can enjoy the internet the way you want, without restrictions or discrimination against certain activities.

AMAX Electronics has built a reputation for excellence in networking and internet services.

Our commitment to taking full responsibility for our systems, providing unmatched reliability, and embracing the freedom of unshaped Internet has made us a preferred choice for businesses and individuals alike.

As we continue to depend on networks for our daily operations, AMAX is a partner you can trust to keep you connected, secure, and ahead of the game.