Amax Electronics

Time Lapse

Capturing the Essence of Time

In the world of construction and development, the passage of time is often the most significant factor in any project.

AMAX Electronics recognizes the importance of monitoring and documenting this progress. Our Time Lapse Services are designed to capture and compile high-definition snapshots over extended periods, providing a unique perspective on the evolution of projects.


In the Live Streaming Service, AMAX allows two streams for each camera. The second stream acts as a failover stream, which will automatically be used if the first stream fails.

Monitoring Progress Over Time

AMAX’s Time Capture Services are a dedicated solution for tracking the development of a building site or similar projects over an extended period. The primary goal is to capture high-quality snapshots at predefined intervals.

Here’s what makes these services noteworthy:

  • Dedicated Service:
    The Time Capture Service operates on a dedicated server, ensuring uninterrupted operation throughout the project’s duration. This commitment to consistency minimizes downtime, which is essential for comprehensive monitoring.

  • High-Definition Snapshots:
    The snapshots are captured in high definition, ensuring the quality and accuracy of the documentation.

  • Up-to-Date Information:
    AMAX’s Time Capture Service continuously provides real-time updates regarding the status of each camera, allowing for swift action in case of issues and guaranteeing a high level of reliability.

Creating Time Capture Videos

The Time Capture Video Function enables AMAX to compile videos using the images taken throughout the project. These videos provide a high-speed simulation of the entire development, making it easy to observe the progress. These videos are fully customizable, allowing you to tailor them to your specific needs. An exclusion period can also be specified, ensuring that only relevant footage is included.

Live Streaming for Real-Time Viewing

In addition to capturing snapshots and compiling videos, AMAX offers a live streaming service that captures all camera streams and converts them to RTMP stream format. This widely accepted streaming protocol can be viewed on any device with Adobe Flash-enabled players.

A noteworthy feature of this service is the provision of two streams for each camera. The second stream acts as a failover, automatically switching to the second stream in case of any issues with the primary stream, ensuring that the live stream remains uninterrupted.

Documenting Progress, One Snapshot at a Time

AMAX Electronics (PTY) Ltd’s Time Lapse Services provide an invaluable tool for documenting and monitoring the progress of construction and development projects. Whether you’re observing a building’s transformation or tracking a lengthy endeavor, the combination of high-quality snapshots, custom videos, and real-time live streaming ensures that you have a comprehensive record of every step of the journey.

In the world of construction, where time is often the most critical factor, AMAX’s services offer a unique and efficient way to capture the essence of time and turn it into a valuable asset for project management and documentation.